Coping MachineKF

For the inseparable (corner) joint

The KF is the universal Machining Center for Cutting to Length, Coping, Drilling and Dowel Driving of longside profiled workpieces – for the coped corner joints.

If you’re looking to produce high-quality coped corner joints, fastened with dowels or screws, the KF is THE MACHINE OF CHOICE

In combination with the Machining Center for profiled bars FD-E it is possible to do all necessary operations on the long side of the components for windows and doors. All you need are profiled components.

Machining Centers & Coping Machine KF
Coping station KF with automatic tool changer
Any desired even number of change spindles is possible.

Intelligent optional aggregates

Cross cut saw and drilling unit for the screw-fastened corner joint. Dowelling unit with dowel conveyor and program controlled gluing and dowel driving.

Intuitive user guidance

Operator friendly machine control with touch screen.

Optional: Bar code technology

Selection of the corresponding milling program by using a wireless bar code scanner.

Milling. Drilling. Dowel driving. Glue injection. Amazing

Excellent quality coped joints

The excellent, tear-free coping is achieved by means of two counterrotating milling spindles which can be equipped with up to three sets of coping cutter heads. The drilling holes for the dowel- or screw fastened connection are drilled with one or several drilling units. The dowels can be glued and inserted in one working cycle.


Coped corner joints

In any form and execution: with dowels and glue or fastened with screws.

Fully automatic drilling and glue injection

All drill holes for the dowel connected joint are drilled over the machine program. The dowelling package includes a high-pressure glue injection, a dowel driving system with an oscillating conveyor and a dowel sorting device.

Intuitive user guidance

The completely in-house developed and programmed machine software is continuously adapted by us to new hardware and customer requirements. The user guidance is simple; manual operation via touchscreen or online control is very intuitive. The interface is largely language-independent. Programming skills are not required.

Features & additional aggregates

The flexible concept. Many extension levels.

Drilling units for any drilling hole

The KF can be equipped with various drilling units and in different power sizes, for the program controlled drilling of holes for dowel or screw fastened corner joints (optionally also with spacer bloc holes). The machine can be used for all drilling operations in the long side and workpiece ends, so that even special applications can be accomplished.

Screw-fastened corner joints

All drilling operations for the screw-fastened joint can be run program controlled. The cross cut saw is used for cutting the components to length.

Any usual screw-fastened joints

The KF can be used to produce high quality screw-fastened joints in common use.

3-servo drilling unit

A drilling unit with three servo-controlled axes and customized single-spindle or multi-spindle heads is optionally available.


Machining program by barcode

The selection of the milling program is also possible with a wireless barcode scanner. The scanner reads the code that is printed on the profiles and the corresponding machining program is then activated.

Special purpose machines

KF Custom solution (1)

The custom solutions shown on this page are only a few examples. Each machine is designed and equipped exactly to customer specification. This one for example with special drilling units for drilling the long side.

KF Custom solution (2)

Customized machine with four work tables and four spindles for an increased production capacity due to reduced change over and setup times. While the KF is milling the components inserted on two tables, the machine operator can insert or turn the components on the other two tables.

KF Custom solution (3)

Special version for six different machining processes on different profiles, program-controlled, without changeover time.

Perfect, high quality coping from SHM Stegherr.

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