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Perfection on all levels

The FD-E2 is the CNC-controlled 4-axis machining center for drilling, milling, and dowel driving on all six sides of profiled bars in original length or precut  single pieces – in one pass.

The FD-E2 is available in two versions: The standard version is designed for machining the four long sides in one pass. The workpiece ends are done separately on the end table. The second, more automated version, enables the processing of all six sides of the workpieces in one pass, also in connection with the program-controlled feeding of the workpieces.

Features and technical characteristics:

  • Special stop system for the corner joint: While one piece is being processed, the operator can already insert or remove another piece.
  • Highly accurate corner joints: The workpiece ends are the reference edges for all drilling holes.
  • All jobs are done by moving aggregates on the stationary workpiece.

New length measuring system ensures perfectly fitting corner connections.

Stegherr FD-E2 Video1 - NC Machining Center
Stegherr FD-E2 Video2 - NC Machining Center

Individual solutions

Drilling and milling units of various levels of power output can be arranged vertically and horizontally depending on the task.

Operation & control

Simple user guidance. Intuitive manual operation via touchscreen or online control. No programming skills required.

Accurate NC-Stop

The workpieces are pushed by a carriage exactly into the programmed position.


The vertical and horizontal workpiece scanning ensures a highly accurate milling depth.


Flexible expansion levels. Ready for upgrade to customized fully automatic operation.

Remote maintenance

For a fast, inexpensive support and program extensions.

4-axis. 6 sides.
1 concept for all jobs.

Application examples:

  • Dowel holes with glue injection, sorting device and dowel driving
  • Drilling and milling for hardware
  • Drilling for hinges, lock plates and olive holes
  • Lock cases and strike plates
  • Special drilling or milling jobs

Drilling and milling patterns without limits

Four servo-controlled axes (X, Y, Z, NC-Stop axis) for any drilling or milling pattern required

Drilling & milling

For example for lock cylinders and handle holes for the lock case.

Accurate and lasting

Example of coped corner joint with dowels

The FD-E2 in action

Stegherr FD-E2 – Processing in one pass with screw-driving unit
With special drilling and screw-driving unit

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