Coping machinesPerfectly coped

Coping machines for the perfect coping, tear-free.

Milling with two high-performance milling spindles ensures a perfect, 100% tear-free coping of profiled workpieces on all our coping machines. With additional units, drilling and milling for connecting elements can also be carried out perfectly. The machines are available with quick tool change systems, the top models even with automatic tool changers and magazines, ensuring full automation and short changeover times.

Coping Center KF

The KF is the universal machining center for cutting to length, coping, drilling and dowel driving of profiled workpieces.


Coping Machine KF-1

The KF-1 is the allround coping machine for cutting to length, drilling and dowel driving with pneumatic clamping and fully automatic working cycles on the stationary workpiece.


Coping Machine KF-mini

The KF-mini is the compact and efficient machining station for the manually operated, tear-free coping of profiled glazing bars.


NC Coping Machine for Glazing Bars SKF

The SKF is the efficient program controlled coping machine for the tear free end milling of glazing bars in one pass. The machine is equipped with two counter rotating spindles, optionally with four spindles, for different coping profiles.


Frame Coping Machine RKF

The RKF is the practicable machine for coping already assembled frames, so that the glazing bars can be fixed to the frames.


Copy & Coping Machine KF-S

The KF-S is  the flexible special purpose machine for the machining of outdoor wood elements. The workpieces are milled tear-free, both at the ends and on the long sides, no matter whether round or irregular curved shapes are required.


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