Special / custom made machines

For special requirements and any working process

We develop special machines for every complex task in the window and door production or related manufacturing areas. The machines are individually designed, built and equipped according to the wishes and process requirements of our customers. We also offer high-performance special machines for the production of furniture, outdoor  wood elements, picture frames and stretcher frames. Like all Stegherr machines, these machines convince by quality, precision and durability.

Stretcher bar and picture frame milling machine BRF

The BRF is THE machine for the professional manufacture of stretcher bars. It can process precut profiles 250 to 3000 mm long, completely in one clamping.


Mitre saw for curved components BGS

The BGS mitre saw cuts curved or straight profiles accurately at any angle between 0 and 60 degrees. Max. workpiece length: 1000 mm.


Milling machine for beaded face frames BFF

The BFF provides efficient milling technology for the – otherwise labor intensive and time consuming – manufacture of the classic frame joint for kitchen cabinet doors with beaded face frames.


Clip milling machine CF

The CF is used in the processing of those aluminum profiles which are assembled by using the clip technology. The CF mills the recess, automatically feeds the clip and presses it into the profile.


Dowel drivng machine DEM

The DEM is the machine for the manufacture of cross joints from aluminum components. It presses the aluminum dowels into the glazing bars.


Glazing bar press SP

The SP helps producing cross joints by pressing the aluminum dowels material-friendly into the aluminum bars.


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